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Men's Health Personal Trainer

Up Lighting

Specialist Disco Up Lighting


Specialist Discos not only offer Mobile Disco’s and DJ’s , we also offer Mood lighting ( Uplighters for any event ), we can adapt your colour scheme tailored to your event ! Our Led Mood lighting ( uplighters ) is a great way of enhancing your venue and wedding , which ever occasion you are catering for , we can turn a dull venue in to an amazing colour scheme Most Colours are available just let us know! We can provide up-to from 1 Light to 20 Uplighters scattered around any venue which looks awesome, and if you wish for us to add these to your event in the evening for any event we can have them flashing all different colours beating with the music which is really cool too!

Men's Health Personal Trainer


  • Great for Weddings!
  • Set up time 1 hour Approx.
  • Any occasion catered for
  • Run time As long as you need Them
  • Up-to 20 uplighters
  • You can add as little a 1 to 20 Uplighters